Erg (erg) wrote,

Nothing going on here

Just makin' do
Spent last week tryin' to get thing caught up at her house, spending this week trying to do the same at my place.
I've spent the last couple of days and evenings working on making a doorway. Most of my time has been stripping paint, lots of coats of paint off a door. It's a very solid door, the doorway should work out well, and it's been a good time, I just wish my buddy had more time to chatter, but while I'm swiping paint remover, he's figuring out how to make shims fit in way too many places, to get this old house to take a new door and to hang and look, like it's level. Lots of postassium salt for me tonight, paint stripper stuff burns, both hot and cold, oh, yes.

Tomorrow, a walk, maybe lunch with the girl, try to get the company espresso machine just so, then back to my paperwork, and trying to make space in a closet to hang a bike or two. I want my bike at the g/fs' place, so we can ride by the beach. I still don't have a bunch of things I'd like done, handled, but I'm doing a work trade with this guy, who has a couple of light weight table saws, and tools, so I'm thinking the planters will get made, the light in my bedroom will get made, his garage will get cleaned up and my g/f will get a desk for her son made, (It's just  a fitted piece which hangs on loft bed bars), and some stuff around her place handled. I'm willing to do stuff, if I can get shown how to do it right, and I'm willing to run 'round helpin' him get his stuff done, so I think we're good to go for awhile. I need to get more organized, and keep on it, I have to be studying for school, it's coming up soon enough, and trying to get more work to cover the bills, and do a couple more things around health and strength building.

And really? Enough death already, please. I need a little time with gentle friends and moving on what's good.
Probably going to volunteer around garden projects, more tenant stuff, but I gotta get my home office set up again for the activisty things.


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