Erg (erg) wrote,

Afterthoughts, afterwords,after but still

Just walked out onto the balcony, took the ladder up to the roof and took a few cellphone pictures of the sky, wandered across the roof and looked at the street below. I should get a pole and attach a mirror at an angle, because there's a ledge that makes it hard to see the sidewalk in front of the building, but from the sidewalk, it would look like we were trying to look into the windows of the tenants. Yeah, we have a lot of police roll through here, I'd have a lot of explaining to do.

Pretty though, the clouds passing over the moon tonight, and not too windy out. I made some hot chocolate, and with french press coffee, put some cayenne in the bottom of the cup and before the coffee went in, some heavy cream did, which made for a pretty pattern. A lot of plants need to be re-potted. The ginger isn't happy, I don't know if this is due to the rain, or the cold, but it has to come in, it's a tall one, so I have to find a big pretty pot and saucer for it. Does cutting grass really make it continue to grow? The cat grass is high, so it's time to find out, and I'd like to bring some in, so the cat has it near his bowl. I think I'll have to find a mix of seeds, and just keep a batch growing, so when one dies back, there's still more, soon.  An aloe got too wet, I should pot it, and some cactus leaves I've had sitting around. A lily flower, a small rose, others. I think the gingers need bigger pots too.


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