Migraine Doc?

Know a good doc for Migraines? I have a friend who needs to have her files transferred over and get prescriptions refilled, locally.

Where the children of tomorrow will live

The Hydrogen society is coming.

The Nuclear society is coming, now that we've figured out away to clean up some of the wastes.

The Magnesium society is coming.

 The Agrarian society is coming one way, or another, and it'll mean cleaner waters.

You could say the solar society is coming, but I think of it more as a way pick up a little extra on the side. You could say that the trash economy is coming, the way we're learning to turn most anything into light oil & reclaim the heavy metal wastes.

I don't like wind power, it could change the shape of weather in ways we can't predict and it kills all manner of flying creatures. We could talk about Algae, or Fungi and say that they're part of the agrarian society.

Nuclear, I think of, only as corner stones, not as what is throughout areas with lots of humans.

Bento Man!

Excuse the sexism, it's a comic book reference.

I'm wondering how hard it would be to create a slight rubberised seal and a wet-proof "old metal lunchbox". Maybe a plastic one that looks like a toolbox? Something under 6 lbs.

The Ninnja's are hording all the gold. Darn dragoons!

China considers the barrel method in high seas, high technology: Just don't import it.

They pretty much have us over a barrel, especially if we keep sending our E-waste to them, rather than recycling, reclaiming the rare earth elements therein.
I guess we could go with finding some island and using geothermal to power the lab, scrape the cooling lava, see if it has any rare earth elements therein.
Figure if we're using geothermal to power the lab, then we don't have to worry about the inefficient use of resources if we're making rare earth elements less rare. If we really get into trouble, we could always try making them on the moon, where  getting/ making energy (power) isn't a problem.
Or subs, we could always hook up a submarine lab to a crevice in the ocean floor that's releasing all kinds of gases and geothermal power. Heck, we could use the crushing depths to create energy.

So, you know, we'll be okay. Personally? I'm hoping diplomacy wins the day.

Pie and Pi rats

Kids look up to pirates.

So, the Nigerians pirates have to raise the next generation to code, is all.

Simple pie crust

Why Pirates? They accept the disabled, the mulatto, regardless of caste, the cyborg.

Ninja's have to wade around in rice and algae paddies, eating frog legs, and  their only sharing of mixed cultures is the Vietnamese ninja who've lived with the French.

I want snark, to be the name of a food, a "Let all of them eat Pie" sort of thing. I know, you'll tell me that's not snark, it's tart. But hey, maybe if we made minced pies...

President Obama said when campaigning to keep congress' feet to the fire

One of the first things he did was give the unions the nod, that they would be treated better during his administration.

Now the Unions are heeding the call of eternal vigilance, by pledging to sit this one out.

We'll look at every one of their votes," Richard Trumka secretary-treasurer and likely next president of the AFL-CIO, said after his speech at the Netroots Nation convention.

"We are going to continue to mobilize and counter the lies and the myths that they're trying to create to defeat this," he told the Huffington Post. "The special interests, the pharmaceutical industry, the health care industry are so vested in the current system they'll so anything to keep it this way and we have a job to do there.

"We're also going to keep politicians strong so that they don't listen to the moneymen and continue to erode away or negotiate away a program [so much that it] ultimately becomes useless. Right now, without a public option [reform] becomes useless. It won't change the current system." ...

I won't speak to the "public option" because I don't know the technical details, just the vague generalities I've seen lately in the online press but reform, some kind of transparency, going after graft, that's become the thing.

Whether that's politicians, industry or unions, one of the things we can have in these enlightened days, is droves of volunteer number crunchers. The F.B.I. gets most of their big cases by using folks who might as well be employed by the I.R.S. If this is is the day and age of investigative bean counters, then sure, let's go about following the money.

Just as the "media circus" has always done best with investigative journalism, I think the "modern hero; every man model" is going to be the those who can actually crunch the numbers, finding the phantoms in the machine. The good news with something like this, is that like astronomy, the amateurs, once given the tools and a criteria can go about making the scouring process plausible.
The nice thing about large corruption, going after it, scales nicely.